CSNP 13th Academic Annual Meeting-Fengsheng Yongkang Session-New Technology of Harvard-CPC Sleep Quality Assessment System With Clinical Application was a complete success


The 13th CSNP academic conference held by Chinese Society of Neuroscience & Psychiatry,Shanghai Mental Health Center,Nanjing Brain Hospital Affiliatend to Nanjing Medical University,Zhongda Hospital Southeast University on June 30 to July 2, 2016 in Jiangsu province, Nanjing Zhongshan Hotel.

More than 600 experts from home and abroad and the elite attended the event.Dr Assembly is a blend of academic forum, Dr forum, workshops, a variety of forms such as paper, surrounding the relationship between sleep and mental illness, mental illness, drug new progress, biological research and clinical research etc, showing the new progress in basic and clinical research of psychiatry, the new technology., many experts and scholars gathered to discuss academic frontiers dynamics, their ideas, for our country mental foundation and the development of clinical played a huge role in promoting.


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FengSheng Yongkang sleep special BBS - "harvard BBS - CPC sleep test new technology and clinical application of" Lu Lin dean hosted by Peking University sixth hospital, invited Taiwan yangming university Albert c. Yang (zhi-jie Yang), west China hospital of sichuan university xiang-dong Tang and other well-known experts to do a presentation.Lu Lin dean for a speech, this paper briefly describes the spirit of our country in recent years in clinical and basic research in neuroscience, new results, for the ardent expectations of all colleagues spiritual discipline.


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During the meeting, you sleep, psychiatry domain experts report brought wonderful speech.West China Hospital of Sichuan University professor xiang-dong Tang combined with clinical experience, a number of comparative tests, and their years in the field of sleep medicine comprehension, to present the audience depth resolution research insomnia and the correlation of disease, treatment of the necessity and the treatment of insomnia, and witty corrected by the outside world is often misunderstood, academic study is rigorous, meticulous speech, the burst of applause.


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Albert c. Yang (zhi-jie Yang)  professor ,from Taipei Veterans General Hospital, is expounded the importance of sleep in mental illness, clinical application in the assessment of sleep the technical difficulties, the CPC technology principle, etc., coherent, clear logic and speech weekly has attracted many experts present interest in their sleep research.


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After the speech, the experts into discussions, in-depth discussion and exchange of Chinese and western research, BBS and reached a peak.Experts involved in the discussions with Shanghai mental health center kai-da jiang, professor, professor fang yr Shanghai mental health center and the provincial experts, according to two keynote speech, delegates spoke enthusiastically, "how to explain the relationship between sleep disorders and diseases such as high blood pressure?", "how the indicators from the morphological observation of sleep more deeply?"Enthusiasm to an all-time high, etc., all of the audience, proposed own question, in the face of speakers professional solutions, the experts said, the emergence of new technology for CPC will solve the traditional sleep monitoring method is expensive, complex and large disruptive sleep medicine development limited has a deeper understanding.


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The meeting was going to the end, a method Lu Lin professor sum up for the meeting, he proposed several points: 1. Psychiatric to introduce new technologies;2. Sleep is closely related to mental illness, mental discipline should pay attention to insomnia.3. The importance of research on insomnia;4. The affirmation of the convenience of CPC sleep detection technology, bring convenience for patients and medical workers, etc.Many experts here to exchange the disciplines and development achievements in various fields, we are offering advice on the subject under discussion, the meeting in an atmosphere of warm and orderly.

The conference gathered various experts in Jinling.CSNP 13th annual seminar - FengSheng yongkang sleep special BBS in 30 successful in nanjing zhong shan hotel.The event, is not only the experts exchange conference of spiritual disciplines, but also domestic psychiatric research, part of the development in the field of miniature.

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