WHI Company profile

Telemedicine, wearable devices, physiological large signal data, and the health care cloud, is a new industry of star in the 21st century, and the industry maturity and development to a great extent depending on whether it is advanced and effective diagnostic tool of analysis. Health Inc. World (WHI) is the mission of the company to develop into:

in the field of health and medicine become global "physiological signal processing and analysis of diagnostic technology" and "development dynamic physiological parameters" leaders, provide best "analysis engine", and services to global health database and the progressive realization.

"from hospital patients and analysis of diagnostic services extended to patients and their families Internet health management service" business model.

WHI in 2012 in Samoa established, in Taiwan established the Feng Sheng International Co., Ltd. and in mainland China set up Nanjing Feng Sheng Yongkang Software Technology Co., Ltd., to promote business development.

WHI core technology team, in "physiological signal nonlinear dynamic processing, analysis and diagnosis technology" and revolutionary "dynamic physiological indexes of development and application is the world's leading, with 16 patents, in medical treatment, but as for the engineering, industry, economy and other areas have extensive and breakthrough of application. Among them, dynamic physiological index (ECG) cardiac electrical physiological signals based on has by the Harvard Medical School around the world for diagnosis and treatment of sleep, cardiovascular, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases and tracking, in more than 20000 cases achieved clinical verification.

WHI early attention to "electrophysiological signal" processing, analysis and diagnosis technology of commercial development, and achieved "medical product certification". Physiological signal of ECG acquisition, through the smart phone or computer spread to the cloud server, obtained through analysis of the clinical medical authentication algorithm processing, automatic on health or disease make judgment and generate professional reports. The doctor can directly provide diagnosis and treatment advice based on this report.

WHI will by Nanjing Feng Sheng Yongkang first in the Chinese market to provide to analysis of the fetal ECG (FECG) "the healthy development of the fetus and pregnant women health monitoring" and an electrocardiogram (ECG) "home sleep quality evaluation" diagnosis two services. In the business development strategy, will take the hospital as the main body, the main goal:

A. testing expenses paid by the medical insurance system, can expand the people's willingness to detect and cognition.

B. to establish brand services, gold standards, to strengthen the trust and recognition of other hospitals and the public.

C. can be screened out of the need for long-term treatment and detection of tracking of patients, to participate in the WHI member services.

The second will expand non medical systems such as health management agencies and related industries (such as bedding, pillows, essence, music... The other sleep products) large chain stores provide inspection and products with service. Finally, the use of the former in the basic development of the family, the individual based Internet health management services.

1) based on the fetal ECG (FECG) "the healthy development of the fetus and pregnant women health monitoring" and "hospital and home safe" analysis of diagnostic services.
2) based on the analysis of the "home sleep quality assessment" of the electrocardiogram (ECG).

Sleep disorders and fetal monitoring and diagnosis, health care is extremely important but scientific quantitative method and supporting services and extremely lack of niche market. Only in terms of Chinese sleep detection and fetal monitoring market, Feng Yongkang can provide service market is badly in need of, false to days, market scale can reach 100 per year and 300 million RMB respectively. Feng Sheng Yongkang to the two have highly market outlook and niche products entering the market, at present in positive organizational management and marketing team, plans to through a network of channels agents, early 2016 in medical institutions in China comprehensively promoting sleep testing business; and in the years began to promote the evaluation of fetal and maternal health to monitor health and home service analysis.

WHI will be actively involved in effective marketing, establishing the technical leading brand credibility, establish interdependent with the doctor, let the doctor willing to carry out a wide range of tracking detection and treatment monitoring. "Company will service platform through the Internet in the interaction between doctor and patient, trying to make the patient obtain satisfactory using sleep and maternal fetal monitoring service experience (user experience)". On the basis of providing other monitoring of ECG signal based on analysis services, such as the risk of heart disease, autonomic nervous system (emotional stress) stress, the overall health and vigor index (physiological complexity / physical and mental healing ability) variation of the assessment to attract patients or their families friends directly into Feng Sheng Yongkang internet medical and health service members, from health to disease of all-weather monitoring and analysis, customized health management program, to achieve the "Internet in health care administration member services" business development.

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