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More and more people with insomnia and sleep disorders, and gradually become the incentive for the high incidence of various diseases. According to the World Health Organization data show that, within the scope of the world about one third of people have insomnia or sleep dysfunction, at present, our country including insomnia, including all types of sleep problems in the crowd for ratio up to 38.2%. The total number has more than 4.9 billion, has already become a threat to human life and health of the invisible killer.

Nearly half of adults in city had insomnia, three sleep problems of modern people: can't sleep, sleep, sleep is not good enough. In recent years, as a modern disease, the incidence of insomnia is very high, the reason is many aspects of the. In addition to speed up the pace of life in today's society and the fierce competition, one of the bad living habits is also the main reason. Insomnia insomnia mainly in favor of mental workers, as business leaders, cadres, accountants, teachers and other long-term stress over or mental fatigue easily. In addition, 35 to 55 years of age is insomnia was the highest incidence age and the trend of spreading to the young people, students or just participate in the work of the people, because of the pressure of school, work, social, young people also joined the group of insomnia. In addition, women are more likely to sleep.

To sleep now and there are still many errors, such as: to extend the sleep time beneficial, sit and sleep on health and harmless, bedroom wall hang a bell is normal, "take a nap useless" theory. For insomnia patients, sleeping pills addiction is also one of the problems. According to 670 service sedative hypnotics insomnia disease survey analysis, sedative hypnotics is still today's commonly used in clinical medicine and the adverse reaction is still one of today's medical community problems, such as the hangover, tolerance, dependence and withdrawal symptoms, memory impairment. In addition, patients with sleep gradually improve and sedative and hypnotic dosage decreasing, stop taking, a lot of discomfort symptoms also showed a gradual improvement.

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