CPC Sleep Quality Assessment System

CardioPulmonary Coupling(abbreviation:CPC),Based on single lead electrocardiogram (ECG) recording during sleep, CardioPulmonary Coupling (CPC) technology first extracts normal sinus rhythm time series and the respiration time series derived from the ECG, then calculates the degree of coherence and the cross spectrum of these two signals using the Hilbert-Huang Transformation (HHT) technology, and finally obtains the sleep clinical stage results. CPC can precisely identify the clinical stages of sleep, including deep/restful sleep, disturbed sleep, REM, wake, and sleep apnea. The results are verified to be consistent with the traditional EEG-based sleep study.

Several tens of CPC related clinical papers has been published, including 10+ papers were published in <<Sleep Medicine>> and <<Sleep>>. CPC sleep quality analysis system has obtained the FDA 510(K) certification (K070855 and K112573) in US and CFDA certification (JiangSu: 20152700571) in China.




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